NEWERA is a conscious entertainment company that curates premium experiences and pairs it with cannabis. We are building a world where everything starts with love. Where we live authentically, fully, and regeneratively for ourselves and those around us. Where, when we connect, we are steeped in nourishment of all layers: mind, body, soul. Where we live peacefully in a constant stream of growth, change, adaptation, and abundance.

We are leveraging the power of cannabis to amplify the undeniably delicious parts of being human: food, sleep, sex, creativity, ideas, innovation, community, meditation, and relationships. We create inclusive, safe spaces to explore these forms of expression, together.

NEWERA plans to build the first entertainment venue and wellness center that will allow for the sale and onsite consumption of legal cannabis in its hometown of San Francisco by 2020. In the meantime, please join us for one of our monthly pop-ups. Our events are fun, engaging, empowering, and educational. We partner with premium providers focused on quality, consistency, and reliable products as well as fair trade and chemical and solvent-free farming and processing.

Surrender to this new era’s muse, Mary Jane. Come grow with us.


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